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Ok So I think I am going to attempt to post a weekly round up of how I did the previous week. Mainly for myself but also to get in the habit of doing more than just reading other people's blogs and maybe to start posting on my own. So this week was a great week in terms of eating and exercising. By Friday I had worked out every single day Sun-Thursday which for me is a huge step in the right direction. But then when I weighed myself for the week I had gained a half of pound, which of course made me angry. But I figured I just have to plug along and it iwll work out eventually. I do have to say that this weekend was tough. With baking for my son's valentines party and going to eat at other people's houses both Saturday and Sunday it makes me nervous for this upcoming week considering I haven't exercised this week yet do to committments. I hope to get back on track with working out tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday for my weight. So basically my weekly round up is this
Exercise 5-0 in favor of me , Weight 0-1 in favor of the scale
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  1. FatAngryBlog Says:

    I think that's a decent round-up as the numbers on the scale can sometimes be deceiving.

  2. Beth Says:

    I like your idea of posting how your week went. Kind've holds you accountable a little bit, eh? That would be good motivator. I'm rooting for you!!!

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