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Lets me start out by saying that I love the TV show bones....Love, love, love it! So I put one of Reichs books on my wish list a few years ago thinking that if I like the show I would like the books. Although I did like the book in the took a lot to get into. I was expecting the character to be very similar to the one that I watch weekly but it was not the same exact character. After I finally got over that and into the store itself it was a decent book. I think my reading experience would have been much more enjoyable had a started reading Reichs' stories in order in which they were written rather than just a random book in the series. I think that if I had done that I would have understood some of the on going plot line that I knew I didn't get as I was reading along. All in all this was a fun read, but I would highly recomend reading the series in order. My rating on this would be 3/5 stars.
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