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So as my 31st bday approached I was nervous, not about getting another year older but that I would be a little over ten pounds from my bday goal. I am that person that will not be happy that I have lost 35 pounds since Janurary, I wanted it to be 50. I should be happy with the 35 but there is that part of me that said if I did more, restricted more, been more perfect I woudl have hit my goal. Yet, the new and improved me is trying to talk myself off the ledge and say 35 pounds while nursing a baby and dealling with a lot of emotional stuff is great and that I will hit that 50 pounds just perhaps a little bit after what I expected. Also, scale wise the weight I am at now is where I have been stuck in a plateua twice before on my weight loss journey. My new goal is to be at 50 by my student's junior prom in a little over a month and still strive for my end of the year goal. I don't think I am going to change my overall goals, but realize that as long as I reach them tha tis what is importnat. On a lighter note, I had an amazingly happy brithday with my family!
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