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Ok so I have done two things out of my comfort zone lately. The first is that I allowed someone to get upset with me and I DIDN "T try to make it better. I am a fixer, I always have to have people like me so when someone gets upset with me I totally bend over backwards to fix it, make it better, even if I didn't do anything wrong. I do this even when it may have been something my hubby has done. I hate for people to be upset with me. Well I have been working on that...that it is ok for people not to like me or be upset with me. So recently on facebook (sometimes I hate that stupid thing) I posted a status that got someone upset. There was nothing wrong with my status I was commenting on some bad tests I had to grade and a friend of a friend some how got offended and then proceeded to start a rant on my page. TO the point that three separate people emailed me to comment on how offensive this other person was to me. So rather then try and make it better I simple posted my opinion and said that this person in the past has said things that offend my sensibilities and that we need to agree to disagree. Then about 10 hours later I just simply deleted all the comments from my page. Screw them! Its my page-If you don't like it too bad. Go be mad at me. I don't need someone like that anywhere in my life. For most people this is a normal response...but for me it was a big deal

The other thing outside my comfort zone...I am in the running to be the next prior fat girl. For those of you who don't know there is an amazing site for those of us who are struggling in our journey to figure out what a healthy lifestyle is. The site is called I love it. Well a few weeks ago I noticed that they were looking for a new prior fat girl, one that was a mom, to be a contributing blogger to the site. Normally I would shy away from this because it would mean be open and honest about my eating issues. Instead I thought that this would be an amazing opportunity for me...even just applying was a great thing. So I did and guess what....I was chosen as one of the few entries that the readers of the site will get to vote on as the possible new Prior fat girl! This is so exciting to me. I promise once my submission goes up I will post for all of you to see it.

Sounds like Spring is the start of some new beginnings for me!
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  1. Ice Queen Says:

    Yay, you! Congratulations on being chosen to be Prior Fat Girl. I can't wait to read your entries. Please provide a link? :D Oh wait... I see it on your blogroll. I shall add it to mine. That way I won't miss you. :)

    Good for you, taking ownership of your page and not allowing others to "bully" you into changing your opinion or feelings. Look, not everyone is going to agree with or appreciate our words, every time we use them. That is just a fact of life. But we have this lovely little thing called freedom of speech and people need to learn to get over themselves a little bit and not get so up in arms over ever little thing.

    Okay... Shutting up, now. lol

  2. Super cool opportunity! Can't wait to see more!

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