Momma Hunt
Ok so I am still waiting to hear if I have been selected as the next prior fat girl mom edition.  As more of the day goes on I am thinking that it is not me.  One email with instructions said the winner will be notified today another one said we would all be notified I am waiting and thinking perhaps I haven't heard because it wasn't me.  Which I have to be honest I do think I would be a bit bummed.  I think it is something that would be a great opportunity for me.  On the other hand just entering this competition has been wonderful.  I finally told a lot of people about my weight issues and my eating issues and although scary was very liberating so even if I don't win it will still have been a good thing for me to do. Well I am off to cozy up on the couch with my new puppy and head to be early (of course stalking my email at least one more time pre bed).  Had the prom last night so I hardly got any sleep after coming home at 1pm and getting up with the kids at 6!  I will let everyone know how the results turn out.  Thanks for all your support in the competition as well as on here
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