Jayne Larson was an out of work actress and took a job as a chauffeur to make ends meet.  She had an amazing opportunity to make some great money but being one of the many drivers for members of the Saudi royal family.  Larson wrote about her experience in the book "Driving the Saudis".  I felt that this was an unique look into the lives of the Saudi royal family and their staff.  It was an amazing look into a group of people who we normally do not get a look into their lives.  There were two specific aspects of this book that I really enjoyed.  The first was that Larson talks about her own observations and reactions to working with the Saudis.  The reason I like it was because she spoke of her own gut visceral reactions to what she saw and experiences with this royal family.  I liked that she talked about those positive experiences she had with the family as well as some of those more non flattering aspects of life with the family.  The second aspect of the book that I really enjoyed was the relationships that Larson formed with the staff of the royal family.  The way in which she describes the staff of the royal family, their life, and how they dealt with their position with the family was amazing.  It made me feel connected to those staff members the way that she was when she was driving for the family.  There were a few flaws in my opinion with this book, I thought sometimes the structure jumped around a bit and it ended very quickly (which that is how her job ended) but I felt it needed a bit more closure.  That Boeing said I really thought it was an exciting look into the royal family and a lifestyle that most people never get to see up close.  I think Larson does a nice job of showing us her insight into his unique royal family.  Overall I would give the book 4 out 5 stars
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