Fat Girl-Fairy Boy despite its horrific title was a very original book that I highly enjoyed.  According to its publisher the book is "Is a Darkly Humorous Tale of Family, Friendship, and personal discovery".  The book follows a film star Frie and her gay stylist Robin Morris through an incredible journey of their kidnapping.  Although I really did like the story of their kidnapping, imprisonment, and then escape what I really liked more was the back story that the book provided.  Throughout the book, but mainly located in the early part of the novel was the early stories of both Frie and Robin.  Frie's early years look into her horrific childhood and her soon to be obsession with her looks, weight, and need for food.  For me it was an amazing look into the comfort and power that food can have and how even in the most beautiful women there is comfort found in eating and food.  Robin's back story was also fascinating and a look into the life of a child who has been bullied and his evolution from a wimpy little boy into a strong male by the end of the novel.  On the downside there were parts of the story that were a bit outlandish that I just wasn't buying into (Yes, I know its fiction).  Yet, that being said the character development in this story was really excellent.  Overall I would give this 4 out of 5 stars.  
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