I haven't really been posting much and it has a lot to do with that I am enjoying my holiday with my kiddos.  For those with young children you all know how much fun little kids are and also how exhausting.  As far as weight loss I am still at a standstill.  Not any heavier not any thinner which I guess is ok considering it is the holidays.  I am looking to get my ass motivated with the new year.  I has hoped lat year would be my year to loose a lot of weight again, but instead I got healthy mentally and worked on my relationship with food which in the end is way more important.  I am not saying that my eating is spot on all the time but I have found other ways to cope then eating.  To be honest though with the whole newtown thing there were days where I wanted to stand in my kitchen and stuff my face till I puked just to not have to think about it anymore.  Did I overeat yes.  To the point of getting sick no....

My plan right now is to enjoy what is left of my vacation, enjoy my kids, enjoy some time to regroup.  I hope all my readers are enjoying their time with their families and this holiday season
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