I have always loved Kirstie Alley and thought that she was one funny and sassy bitch.  About a year ago while following her on twitter I saw that she was writing a book.  Once it was up on Amazon I purchased the book on pre-order.  Although my hubby read me a review of it and it was a horrible review but I said you know what I love her I am going to read it anyways (plus I bought it so might as well read it). Well lets be honest it wasn't a prize winning book here, but it sure as hell was funny.  It was a look into her life and all the men that have played a role in her life.  I really had a lot of laugh out loud moments while reading.  Just like she is on twitter and probably in real life, she is candid and straight forward and very funny.  Yet, oddly my favorite aspect of the book is when she talks about her religion.  To be fair I know nothing about scientology other than what I have seen on South Park and read in tabloids.  I liked how she explained her relgion and gave an inside look into some of her fundamental beliefs.  Although I know this is only one very small look into the relgion it was fascinating look into the relgion.  I would say anyone who likes Alley should pick up this book, it is a quick and enjoyable read.  Yet, because I know it wasn't the best written book ever for the general reader I will give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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