Although I know that I didn't achieve any of my weight loss goals or reading goals I did a lot personally and professionally.  I was able to finally get a handle on my eating issues and spent a year maintaining my weight and not obessessing about a number on teh scale-I spent most of hte year just being.  I also spent a lot of the year evaluating my life and learning that where I am in the moment is just perfect.  Also, through both a national tragedy that was a bit too close to home and family tragedy within Papa Hunt's extended family I realized that just getting to be with my family and being healthy mentally really is a greater acheivement then the goals I set for myself a year ago in Jan of 2012.  

Now on to 2013-I know I should use SMART (goals that can be measured by specific data) but I am going to do more general goals because well they stress me out less.

2013 Goals
1.  Use/Manage my time better.  Less multi tasking and social media in favor of getting my life and health in order

2.  Be more consistent with my working out.  Shooting for 3 times a week until summer then try and increase that

3.  Get under the weight I was when I had my cute babies

4.  Then get under my magic number (the weight that is very hard for me to get under without a lot of effort

5.  Run a 5k (hopefully a zombie one or the christmas lights one in MA)

6.  Believe in myself enough that I can actually do the above items.

I hope that even with the ups and downs that you all had a great 2012 and I look forward to hearing about all of your 2013 goals.  
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