Ok all this is going to be a fairly short post because as a teacher and a mom I am home today with the kids.  I will post later this week about getting out of my comfort zone with my kids.  This week was ok.  I had a really crappy day but managed to get in a work out which was a huge success because the hubs started back at school.  My eating wasn't great (I did track it all which was a big deal) I maintained this week so I will take it.  My goal is the same as last week up my water in take, continue to track, and three workouts.  My plan right now is a video workout tomorrow, a trip to the gym possibly Friday, and a tape workout on Wednesday or Thursday.  I wish I could get to the gym-I love it and it has daycare but I can only go on days when I have dinner prepared before I go because the kids go to bed early and the homework for my older on is done ahead of time.  I hope if you have today off you are enjoying it!
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  1. No day off for me dang it! Hope you enjoyed yours. I gotta do some pre-prepping cooking tonight too!

  2. jennydecki Says:

    Getting everything scheduled in sometimes feels like climbing a mountain. You did good and I hope you're enjoying your extra day with your kids!

  3. Darcy Says:

    Scheduling can be tough. One workout is better than none!

  4. Awesome! Keep up the good work, I hope you've had an awesome week!

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