So another day that I am home sick and not eating well.  There is not much to blog about in this regards other than that I am going to be a skinny b when this illness is over.  My issue has been missing work.  I love my job and I love my kids and I always worry about missing work, I have missed a lot of work because of my own illnesses as well as my kids.  I know that they are OK without me and that I need to take care of myself but it is hard to take time off from work.  As I have spent many hours sleeping, blogging, reading, at catching up on my doctor Phil I have realized just how run down I was.  Between getting ready for the holidays, the tragedy at Newtown, and overload at work I was emotionally depleted.  Then over vacation both the kids and my hubby were sick which meant I was a one woman show at home and was getting up between four and six times a night to deal with the kids.  I was exhausted to say the least.  If I am being honest I know I have a stomach bug but I think the reason it has hit me so hard is because I was so run down, not eating well, and not exercising.  This needs to change because I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others.  So today I probably could have slugged my way through the day but I took the day to get well, get some much need rest and puppy snuggles.  As I am typing there is a dog on each side of me while I am tapping way on my laptop.  I am hoping that this post finds all of you well and taking some time for yourselves.  
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