So I can't remember if I talked about this on the blog or not but I signed up for weight watchers again.  Now that I have really gotten some of my eating issues under control I figured it was time to start working again to try and loose some of this extra weight I have been schlepping around for awhile (hell forever).  So I started back right before Christmas sort of half assing it. Well since New Years I have been faithfully tracking.  Due to the flu, I was sort of plan because I wasn't eating for a few days but in a mere two weeks I have lost three pounds.  Shocking what happens when you actually follow the plan...it works.  A friggin revelation.   Seriously, sometimes I get mad at myself.  I drag my feet.  I pout and stomp because I don't want to do it.  Yet, what happens when I follow the plan.....I loose weight!  Shocking!  Maybe I need to start shutting up and putting up.  Guess I am back in this whole weight loss thing.   I will keep you updated on how this whole thing rolls out.  Yet, so far so good.
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  1. Maybe it'll be motivation for me since I have been paying but not actually focusing!

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