I don't know how many of you love a fresh start but I sure do.  This is why I love the start of your school year and the new year so much.  One of my favorite parts of the new year other than making resolutions (which most times I don't keep) is a new planner.  Last year I saw one of my blog and twitter peeps Emily was talking about this new planner she got.  It was beautiful, stunning in fact.  So I of course go immediately online to look it up and the damn thing was 50 bucks.  50 bucks for a damn planner-I have an IPhone I don't need this I said.  Then Emily did a Vlog about the planner and I knew I needed it.  I ordered it and loved it and got every single penny worth for my planner.  So this photo above is my new planner for 2013 and for most of the week I have been slowly adding to the planner and loading it up with all the life stuff a mom has to keep track of.  I know my phone can do all the things that this planner can but to be honest there is something about having a pen and paper planner that I love.  Don't be confused this isn't a product review this is just my geeky love for the Erin Conden planner-Here is the link should you want to look at one too!
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