Whoa I can't believe this is my fourth week already.  This has been one hell of a week.  Early in the week Kid 2 was gross, then Kid 1 got pink eye.  So bad that he missed four-YES FOUR days of school.  I am in mid term exams so in between giving exams I had to figure out who would watch the kid, get him to the doctor and then correct said exams.  On top of that the next semester starts tomorrow and I am teaching a class I have never taught before and it is an honors class so I need to be very well prepared.  Add to that I got sick on Friday.

Overall I did ok, being a stress eater I tried to eat as best as I could regardless of the chaos.  There were two days in particular that I ate why more than I should of and ate things that were not ideal choices for no other reason than I was stressed.  I have put an end to that am washing my hands and moving on.

On a good note-despite all that I worked out twice.  My goal was three times and a trip to the gym.  With the sick kids I couldn't use the daycare so I got in two at home before I got sick.  I also got an exciting package in the mail-My TAE BO SYSTEM!!!! When I lost all my weight years ago I did it a lot of my exercising with Billy Blanks so I am excited to start that this week.  There is a four week program in the box and I think I am going to try it.  Why the hell not the longest tape is an hour.  I figure I deserve to kick my own ass into gear.

How is everyone's week going.  I hope next week my post will be about my and my Billy Blanks bonding!

Happy Monday All!!!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It's cool that you're redoing the Tai Bo workouts! I didn't realize they were still out there :) Good luck gettin back on the boat, momma!

  2. Jen Crum Says:

    What a rough week. Prayers for a better week with easier health choices.

  3. lydsrich Says:

    Hey - two times is more than ZERO times, so good job!!

  4. Hi, I used to do Billy Blanks Taebo years ago too. That's when there was no DVD LOL. Has it been updated or are these new workouts?

  5. Absolutely love TaeBo! Enjoy!

  6. Unknown Says:

    Thank you for all the Tae-Bo love!! I got the new pt 24/7 kit. It was fairly expensive but was on a groupon a few weeks ago so I got the whole kit and seven videos for 30 bucks. I am wicked sore but have done two workouts so far despite being sick so I am happy with that. THaks again for the love

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