Ok so if you aren't ready for one of those whiny posts, please feel free to skip right along!

So my youngest has been getting up a lot at night, so for two nights in a row I have gotten minimal sleep which I am ok with just makes me cranky....like PMS cranky but manageable.  Well it was icy this am so I am trying to get out of the house this am and its one of those mornings when everything is not working, I can't find a matching pair of socks, the kids are extra demanding, and despite trying to leave early I leave late.  The hubs had to remind me to settle down and it would be ok.  So I took some deep breaths and figured it is only up from here and went on my am.

Things were going great (except I couldn't find a working copier but in my school that is everyday stuff not bad day stuff).  So I check in with my mentee to be sure she is ok to enter grades and get ready for exams and I head back to my room and there is my boss-She was there to inform me that she had "some concerns" about me and we had to have an emergency meeting.  I won't go into many details but I knew it involved a volunteer position that I hold in my department where I bring forward concerns of others to the principal monthly.  So awesome now I am going to have a meeting and get reprimanded for something sweet, so I call my union rep and try and not freak the f out about it.  I am a good girl and panic at the thought that I have done something wrong.  Then my dad calls my kids bus never showed up so I need to call and figure that out.  A few hours later I go to my super special meeting with the boss (although an ugly meeting it ended well) but who likes getting yelled at for something they didn't do.  Then the hubs isn't returning my calls so I need leave students who are staying after school to run to the daycare to pick up the youngest so I can make it to get the oldest off the bus.  Hubs of course calls two minutes after I pull out of school to say he can get kid...grrr

So now I am home only up from here...the quick list.  The dog pissed in his crate, drank so much water after getting out of the crate he pissed on the floor while I was doing yoga (oh yeah the kid kicked me in the head wile doing yoga with me), the hubs is pissed about the dog who is having issues with peeing in the house and wants to get rid of him, and while packing the oldest's bag for school he didn't give the teacher the snack he was required to bring in as it was his snack day.

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!  This days needs to get kicked in the balls and go the hell away.  Sorry for the ranting and swearing....but seriously, so not my day.  The worst part as of 7 I still have stacks of grading, need to shower, and figure out what the hell to do about the dog.


Ok now I am done......thanks for letting me vent people.  How was your day???

PS-On a good note-I did exercise!

PPS-Since I started this post the youngest work up and puked....awesome
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  1. Wow, that's an impressive day!

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