Ok so I figured I needed to spice up the blog a bit and not just do whiny bitching posts.  So other than reading another love of my me time life is painting my nails  If this was a different life I would have the money and time to go get my nails done every two weeks but since I don't I settle for painting my nails on my own.  Below you will see a preview of Mariah Carey's new collect of the sand polish.  This stuff is so cool.  It goes on shiny and then dries to a matte finish.  This one was a dark black base with red sparkles....amazing.  This picture doesn't even do it justice.  I know 8 bucks a bottle is a lot to spend on something so why not try the mini's.  I got spoiled and a friend of mine bought the mini pack and I got to try it.  May have to go back and get the big bottle soon though.  My only complaint, and it is the one I usually have-It chips a bit more easy that a regular polish because it is so thick. Plus because of the Matte finish you don't do a top coat.  Oh and I forgot the best part, wet to completely dry is 10min!  No lie once it gets matte you are good to go.  I would say on a polish rating of five fingers being the best I would go with a four finger rating

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    love love love...

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