Mamavation SistahoodA long time ago I signed up for the Mamavation moms email and never really followed along much.  Mainly because I have been ignoring my weight loss journey and my blog for that matter in favor of getting my head on straight in terms of my anxiety and eating issues.  Well having been sick for a few days has given me the luxury of time poking around on the Internet and I spent some time checking out the Mamavation site and I loved it.  The idea of this is that Mom's just simple do not take time for themselves.  They don't period.  So as a mom I need to look at my health as for my family not just me and I love that idea.  All moms would give anything for their kids why shouldn't they give their kids a healthy mom-so that is what I am doing.  I am really trying to get myself to a healthy spot. I am doing OK with my emotional eating now I just need to get the other ducks in line.  My goals for this upcoming week are to track my food everyday and work out at least three times either here at the house and at the gym.  I also want to set aside time each night to journal, blog, and focus on my mental health with my "online world".  I know that this helps me and I have been opting out of that in favor of stupid stuff.  I need to get my focus to where it needs to be....on my kiddos and a healthy mommy for them.  So I am very excited to become part of this sistahood!!!!!
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  1. Unknown Says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! If you need me, find me on FB. I figure Mamavation will be easier if we support each other!

  2. mom27g Says:

    The sistahood is awesome!! Glad you joined us!

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