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Several months ago before I put my blog on hiatus for family reasons I received this great book for my daughter.  It is a series of daily stores and bible versus for children.  The stores are written so that they are very relatable to children and also have the bible versus and an explanation of the verse.  Now I was a little skeptical at first because lets be honest what kid is really into reading bible verses-none (or almost none).  Well this book was a lovely surprise.  The book is written to appeal to the princesses, which my little lady certainly is.  The book has a variety of stories and morals to learn through the bible verses.  It was very creative, with super cute photos, and very appealing to my little lady.  Miss J is only four so some of these went over her head but a lot of the stories were really on point for a young child.  I though this was a great way to introduce some of the positive teachings of the bible to a young child.  Although we are religious and attend church we are not a family that reads the bible regularly or is involved in daily bible study.  This I thought was a nice way to introduce faith and the bible to my young daughter who is not yet attending religious education.

I think this would make a nice gift for the upcoming holidays or for any girl who is making her first communion soon.  I also think that it bares pointing out that this book is appropriate for various Christian faiths.  For example the author of the book and my religion are not the same but I felt the book was a great fit.  My only complaint is that as of when they sent me the book a few months ago they did not have a boy version.
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