Well so much for weekly weigh in updates.  Between lots of snow days, weekend snow storms, and life in general I haven't been updating my blog.  I weighed in on week two and lost 2.0 then I was unable to weight in for week 3, and this week I weighed in and lost .8.  For a total of 2.8 in three weeks and and an overall total of -.6 (remember I started above).  I can honestly say I am happy with that.  Exercising as been rough because of the weather and a lot going on with the kids.  I had some rough days emotionally that led to not the best choice making.  I am looking at progress not perfection.  I also decided this year to try and curb some bad habits and have given up candy (chocolate too) and desserts for lent.  I have been eating too much crap-and when I eat it I crave it.  So here is to a nice start...how is everyone else doing out there??

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