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So I have somewhat dropped off in my reading lately, not for lack of desire to read, more the lack of time. By the time I have any time to read, it is after 10:30 and that is cutting into the other thing that I love and never get to do....sleep. So it took me a few months but I finally finished my second Kindlebook The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory. This chronicles the early days of King Henry's First wife-Katherine. It was a great look into the life of this Spanish Princess who was betrothed early in childhood to The Prince of Whales and grew up knowing that she was born to be Queen of England. What I particularly loved about this book was not only looking into this part of Tudor England but also getting a look into Spanish History. Having traveled to Spain during high school and visiting several of the places at are discussed in this book was lovely. I also liked that Gregory looks into the reality that religious life played in both England and Spain during this time period. The last thing that made me fall in love with the book is it gives a chilling look into what made King Henry the way he was and why he became the scary autocrat that he was. I would highly recommend this book to any historical fiction buffs, my only complaint I will make is that I wished I had read this book first in Gregory's Tudor books. I think it was a much better starting point then anywhere else. I would give this book a 4 out of 5.
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