Momma Hunt
This is a post dedicated to my first babies-Rocky my Doxie and Sweetpea my beagle. Both of them were adopted shortly after our one year anniversary (which was five years ago this week). They were the love of our lives and now that they are gone it has been tough.

To Rockefeller WaggyBottom (aka Rocky): You were a spitfire from the second you came home. You had more attitude in your little paw them most dogs can ever dream of. Perhaps you didn't understand that you were only 14 pounds, but I didn't care I loved it. I loved your sass, your worship me tude' and I fell for it. I feel in love with you head over heels and there was nothing I wouldn't do for you or let you have. I remember your little dance that you did at me feet till I picked up up, your insistence on weekends that it was unacceptable that you sleep in your bed past 6am and how you needed to snuggle in the big bed (all the while digging your little feet into daddies back). I loved how you would bark at any dog who walked by the house trying to tell them it was yours. I remember how you cried like you were on the rack the day we brought Sweetpea home because she was totally raining on your parade (yet you protected her and bossed her around soon enough). I loved how on snowy days you would look outside see the snow, look over your shoulder and give us the look like "I don't do snow" or how you would always wait at the bottom of the steps to be picked up like a prince because you were too good for stairs. I loved everything about you and never understood how it could be that you would get sick and need to leave us so soon. Then I realized why yesterday, Sweetpea would need you to be there when she got there, she always needed you to protect her.

To Sweetpea Pumpkin Pie-You are my sweetheart, the dog with a heart of gold. It has always brought be great sadness to know that you were treated so horribly before we took you home. I have no idea who could have been so awful to such a beautful and sweet pup like you. Yet it was evident in every step you took, every look you gave that someone was awful to you, but yet somehow you managed to be sweet and loving and wonderful. We always knew that you wouldn't be a "typical" dog but we loved you so much anyways. I loved the way you tolerated your brother bossing you around, except that one day when you got so mad you started snarling at him and darned if he didn't try to steal your bed again. I loved the way you refused to sleep or sit on anything other than your bed or the furniture. Only the way a dog who never had something soft to sleep on before would do. I loved to see you on walks so happy with your tail wagging like nothing in life was better than that moment. I never stopped being amazed at how good you were with kids and babies. I remember when Dylan discovered your eyes and for a good six months would try and grab them and you would patiently let him never even flinching. Most of all I loved how when petting you, you would snuffle in our ear. We decided long ago that was your way of saying you loved us. You were a fighter, you fought a hard life before we met you, you fought to get over your past and live a happy life with us, you fought through your devastating back injury, and you fought to the last second of your last breath. For that I will always be amazed and love you for.

Most of all I loved you both, more than someone probably should love an animal and I miss you both so much it sometimes hurts to breath. I just loved you so so much, I loved you enough to let you go.
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  1. Jenni Says:

    I'm so sorry for you losses.

  2. Beth Says:

    I'm going to go pet my dogs! I loved your tribute to your "babies." It sounds like they had a wonderful life with you!

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