Momma Hunt

So another weigh in and I was down 1.8 pounds which is really good considering we went out to eat last night and I had fat free coconut icecream, and it is a cool 101 here in CT. Yet, I can't help obsessing about my overall short term goal of 25. For me to make it to that I need to average a wee bit over two pounds a week, I know I set a lofty goal but I am nursing and I know you can drop some serious pounds when you are, plus if I set pussy goals I would put up pussy performance. So I guess I will take this 1.8 and shut up. Also, on a sadder note it looks like today is going to be the day for my little girl. We are going to the vet today at 2 to talk to the vet and as long as he says he's ok with it we are going to put her down. It breaks my heart but I do think it is time.
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  1. Debbie Says:

    I am so sorry about your pet. I have 3 dogs and one of which stays in the house and It would kill me. I had to put one down several years ago and I just told myself she was in pain and let her go. A big hug to you and I will be thinking about you..

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