Momma Hunt
So I am always looking for an inspiration to move me forward, while on Saturday I saw one. My sister in law. Although I would never in a billion years think that she needed to loose weight she has struggled for a few years trying to get off post baby weight. She is very petite and in great shape but was really struggling to hit what was her goal weight. While she posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that she hit her weight. I was so excited for her becasue I know how hard it is to loose weight, especially weight that you lost and regained. I was proud, then on Saturday I saw was more than proud it was jaw dropping how good she looked and instantly made me jealous. Then we chatted and you know how she got to looking that good (the old fashion way with smaller portions and exercising more) damn...I was hoping for a miracle cure. Now I was jealous for about a bit then it led to inspiration. I want that, I want to be at my goal weight. No of course I have way more than she lost I need to loose about 65 more pounds, but it inspired me that if I get exercising more and keep eating the way that I am that I can get there too. So to my sister in law...thanks for the kick in the pants I am so proud of you!
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  1. We all need that motivational picture/ goal to move towards once in a while!

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