Momma Hunt
So I haven't really been keeping up with the weight update, and unlike my usual MO its not because I haven't been loosing. I have still been loosing about a half a pound to a pound a week. As of now I have lost about 18 pounds since June and am happy with that. As usual I wish it was double that. Then again I need to remember that a pound a week in year will be 50 pounds and half way to my goal. I also know that I need to do this the right way, and in a way that fits into my lifestyle. I am not 22, living on my own, and able to go to the gym every day for at least an hour and half. That ship has sailed and so have the days of 2 plus pounds of weight loss a week. I do need to step up my game and more closely record my food intake. I am hoping to update my weight loss a bit more frequently now that I am making a better effort to work hard to find some me time everyday.
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