Yeah that would be me.  I was cranky today.  The scale hasn't been cooperating (in the spirit of honesty it probably shouldn't be) and I caught my reflection in the mirror and found out exactly where those 15 (yes fifteen) pounds I have gained since this summer went.  It was no pretty-no it wasn't!  I was cranky, and sad, and more than anything disappointed in myself.  So this level of self hate is something I have been working on for a long time.  So immediately texted my friend to talk me down from the ledge and she told me what I needed to hear.  Have faith in eating right and keep at it....its not perfection its progress.  Have faith in working out....it will pay off.  So I kept that in mind and made good food choices even when eating out for dinner.  The kid wanted chocolate chips cookies and I didn't make them because I knew I was to weak to say no.  Then I chose to get a jump on my two week Mamavation challenge and not only did one of the workouts, I added jogging in place between the activities, and did a few activities from another days workout to boot.  I realized I just have to keep at this because the alternative is not an option.  Giving up is not an option.  So I am not giving up I am just going to put more effort and believe in myself and keep going forward!

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