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So a few weeks ago a IRL (in real life) friend sent me a Facebook message.  She was asking me about something I posted for me New Years resolution.  For sake the anonymity lets call her Lexy Sexy Pants (I told her this is how she would be addressed).  Well she wanted to first make sure I was ok and that something I had mentioned was not about her (which it wasn't really-but please we all always think it is about us).  When I first got the message my initial thought was…OMG how exciting real people read my blog….then it was followed be OMG HOLY SHIT real people read my blog.

Now I have always made it a policy both with my blog and real life that I would never say anything online or in "gossip" that I wouldn't say to someone's face.  So I had a great chat with Lexy Sexypants and explained what my blog post had meant and it was a great conversation.  Yet, it started me thinking about other things I have posted.  It made me wonder have things I have said been taken the wrong way, taken out of context, or just in general perhaps rubbed people the wrong way.  For the most part I am still writing this blog as if no one reads it-real or online.  I use this as my outlet to air my thoughts.  I forgot that sometimes my emo moments expressed on her could be taken in the wrong way.  I am not saying that this was the case with Miss Sexy pants…it wasn't.  I just started to question the things that I have written and the blog posts of the future.  I have a post in the queue with my weight on it and one about why I have been a bit MIA.  There are times that I doubt if I want to hit the publish key because in reality Lexy isn't the only person reading this blog.  When I ran for the Mamavaiton campaign I sort of let my online and real life collide.  Other than an occasional comment here and there I never really thought that people in my real life read that blog.  This is perhaps because my own husband doesn't read my blog.  He knows it exists, but he has never read it not once.

Yet, after much consideration I decided that I am not going to stop doing what I do because of how my words might be taken.  I have always lived by a code that you should never say something you aren't willing to talk about.  But even more than that, I have surrounded myself both in online and in real life with amazing people.  People who will never give a shit about how much I weigh or how emo this blog gets.  They will always be my support so I should worry about what I say on here or how I come across.

So now that the initial shock has passed I am excited more in the OMG people read my blog.  Oh and one more thing- Lexy Sexy Pants-this time I am talking about you!
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  1. You should feel free to share your thoughts and concerns! Real people do read your blog and airing thoughts is healthy! Go you!

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