First and foremost Happy St. Patrick's Day to those that do the Irish thing.  We did the whole corned beef and cabbage thing at my parents house Sunday night.  They get this amazing corned beef at their butcher that has almost no fat on it….so it isn't' your standard greasy corned beef.  It was so good!

I haven't posted in awhile things get crazy and I have to shut out all the non essentials which often includes social media and blogging.  That aside I have been really doing much better with my food choices lately and have even lost a few pounds so that is great.  I am still working on getting the exercise in.  That piece has been hard because of the sleep issues in our house.  When we aren't sleeping well it makes it hard to get up the energy to exercise.  I have a goal of three times a week so I will hopefully be back report success.

I have also joined a few online challenge groups to try and help inspire me along the way.  How has everyone's week been going?
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  1. Unknown Says:

    I made my first corned beef ever for St. Patrick's Day. Whole family loved it. Glad your week has been a good one.

  2. Jeanae Says:

    It can be close to impossible to accomplish anything without sleep. I hope that everyone in the house is on the mend, and that you can get much needed zzz's :)

    St Patty's Day was all the rage around here thanks to all of the elementary school festivities...& now...we must brace ourselves for Easter...:)

    Have a great week!

  3. mom27g Says:

    We had corned beef and cabbage also. It was pretty good, but not my favorite meal :)

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