Ok so no laughing here.  But since I said I was going to try and get back to being me.  Lets talk about me for a second.  If there are any men that read this blog...I don't think there are...but if so-please if you know me in real life stop reading this now....

Ok so now that you totally still reading.  There is no secret that I have big boobs. I mean at my thinnest ever weight since I was 14 which was the week before I got married I was 70 pounds thinner than I am now and I still had a d cup.  Well finding a comfy bra is a pain in the ass.  I got big girls, they need to be locked and loaded at all time (no plunging bra for this girl...the giggle alone would be awe inspiring).  I like them locked and loaded so that if you saw me you would never think my boobs are the size that they are.  So I have found a few good options at Lane Bryant.  Problem is I need a padded/fully lined bra.  Not padded as in adding to my boobs...seriously people not that padding when I was running I need two bras on).  I want padding so that should my classroom be cold (no not the AC-that doesn't really work, I mean for the winter when the head doesn't work on the vent blows in air from outside when it is below zero).   I do not, I repeat do not want my students to pay attention to me because my nipples are distracting them from the front of the room.  I am more comfortable knowing that my nipple will never be appearing on some snap chat, twitter feed, instagram with a hashtag saying #huntsnips.  

So I am sure you wondering where this is going.  Well below are two samples of my bras, the first one is my typical "model" and the second is strapless (which is a frigging medieval torture devise by the way).  Look how big those things are.  I even but a book there for size reference.

So here is the issue....where the hell do I put them?????I mean I can get like two maybe four at most in my indie drawer of my dresser.  I don't have the space to put them in a bigger drawer.  I mean my bras take up more room that my sweaters in the winter.  Should I ask Papa Hunt to build me a special holding cell for them?? Should I string them across the room??? I don't want my kids to mistake them for some new Angry Birds launcher or some shit like that.

Those of you in my situation....or those of you creative enough.  What should I do for storage of these bad boys?  Maybe I need to go on twitter with the hashtag #tittyprobs
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure how your bedroom closet door is but i hang mine on the inside know of our closet door. Or put some hooks inside your closet and hang them from there.

  2. Unknown Says:

    Oh I love this idea...Might have to do inside the wall because I have bi-fold doors but this is a good suggestion

  3. Ha, as someone who is even bigger, I have no solutions but would love some! I wind up stacking them on top of the dresser because 2 is the max for the drawer!

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