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I know it has been a long time since I have posted.  I guess after posting about my dad it seemed odd to post some book review or talk about inane little things.  In a way little things is all I can talk about.  We are getting by here in the hunt house hold but it hasn't been easy that is for sure.  My own grief seems overwhelming but add to that having to deal with my children's grief and loss.  Its a lot.  At the end of the day I feel like I have run a marathon.  Today-the day after Christmas I feel like I got hit but a truck.  I never realized how just getting through a day would take so much effort. Now please readers don't take this in a I am depressed sort of thing-it is just there is so much emotion and memory tied to the holiday season and add to that the loss of my dad and its overwhelming emotionally.  I am planing on using my vacation this year for some quiet time with my kids and husband and just sort of take some me time.  To get some rest-both actual and emotional.  Teaching is like putting on a show everyday-trying to do it when I am not 100 percent is exhausting.  

I wanted to thank everyone both in real life and not for their kind words, gifts of love and prayers, and actual gifts these last few weeks.  It has made what has been the hardest two months of my life just a little easier.  So thank you.

So I am going to leave you with one of best Christmas songs ever (I have always felt this way when the song is done right).  Judy Garland sings this song the way it is meant to be-its not a happy song. Its a song of hope and promise of years to come because this year isn't really that great.  

So to you and your family-I hope your holidays were amazing and if they weren't-I hope next year all your troubles will be miles Have Your Self a Merry Little Christmas


About a week ago in the mail I got a great daily devotional bible for women.  First and foremost this book is absolutely beautiful.  I actually went and sat down to read it and didn't realize that it was for 2015 (despite the fact that it says so on the cover).  Unlike the other devotional that I bought myself it has the verses that you will be reading with the discussion right on the page.  For me who isn't that familiar with reading the bible it made it easier then locating verses in the bible itself and then reading the talking points.  
The Beautiful Leather Cover of the book

Here is a  sample page.  For every day there is the actual scripture and then some reflection points.  What I like is that they are short but also what is written is very easy to understand.  I actually had contemplated starting reading it out of order because I was looking for some guidance in these days of figuring things out with the death of my father.  Then I realized that it is geared to specific times of year so I guess I will have to wait...which is the only thing I didn't like about this devotional.
Inside of the book-Notice it is set up for a daily reading with scripture as well as talking points for everyday

So for anyone who is looking for some daily religious readings or to get more in touch with their spiritual side I would encourage them to pick this up.  For such a lovely looking book the price point is very reasonable at well under 20.00.  This might make a lovely Christmas gift for those who enjoy a more religious gift at the holiday season.  I would highly recommend this item.

*Disclaimer I recieved this item free in exchange for an honest review of the product
As I have stated in previous posts I love, love to get children's books to review.  My children love to be read to and we are always looking for new books.  Recently I was asked by the people over at Candy Cane Press to take a look at two of their new religious themed children's books.  The books Rufus and Ryan go to Church and Rufus and Ryan say their prayers were two super cute books to bring up the topic of religion to children.  Master D is now in CCD and loves to go to church, but sometimes the concepts of church and prayer are hard to cover with kids so young.  Even harder is Miss J, who now also likes to go to church with us on Sundays.  What I liked about these books and why they are super fun is it is a typical little boy with his stuffed monkey Rufus.  In both books Ryan and Rufus navigate both how to say their prayers and what to do in church.  Not only do the two learn what and how to behave and church it shares what to love about a mass.  I also need to point out that it is fairly generic and as a Catholic there are only a few slight differences in terminology then what we use to describe certain things.  I also liked how the prayer book gives great examples and shows the child that there is no wrong way to pray.  The book portrays pray in a way I like for a child….as a simple conversation with God.  For anyone who is trying to introduce either prayer or going to church with a wee one these books would be a great addition.  Also, as we head into the holiday season we are firm believers in our house that other than Santa's presents and a few gifts from us we do books for the holidays  These would be a nice gift for under the Christmas tree.  Fun for the kids but with a deeper meaning to help celebrate the holiday season.  Stop by Amazon and check these two cute books out today!  I will leave you with a picture of Papa Hunt and Miss J enjoying the book

The funny part of this photo is my husband is in no way religious at all…so he asked Miss J to pick out a book and what did she pick-The religion book for Daddy to read.