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So for those parents of school age children there is always the wonder of when the magic of Christmas is going to fade as their children get older.  I honestly haven't given the whole Santa thing much thought.  Here in the Hunt household we have been going through the motions these days.  We also have made a point of not making too big of a deal about Santa and gifts as we discovered our oldest gets really anxious about upsetting Santa and he is a good boy and I don't want him freaked out about Santa.  

Anywho, a friend posted on Facebook about how her son was defending that Santa was real to his friends at school (who also happen to be at the same school as my kiddos).  I instantly got upset.  What if someone at school was telling my son that Santa wasn't real.  It sort of broke me to think that my son would have one more part of his innocence stolen this year.  So I didn't bring it up to him and we talked about the excitement of the season.  

Master D had asked for a special gift from Santa that Papa Hunt and I couldn't find anywhere.  I mean we had his aunts and uncles in three states looking at five different retail stores to find this thing.  We had even told him that he wasn't getting it for the holiday.  He told us well maybe Santa could get it for him.  We were sweating it-we had the back up gift ready.  Well just to our luck we found this sought after gift back in stock three days before the holiday and had it express delivered to the house. 

Well on Christmas Morning when he came out to see the gifts carefully placed where Santa always leaves his gifts and books he says out loud "Santa is Real-I knew it"  It made me so happy to know that this moment for him was pure joy-Pure childhood innocence.  This was the magic of christmas at its core.  

When I asked him later about saying this he said friends at school said that Santa wasn't real that it was just parents giving gifts. Master Dy then said-you couldn't get that present and only Santa could have gotten it here.  I knew he was real.  

For me this was just what I needed.  I needed to know that despite our sadness that Christmas was still about the joy and wonder of the season.  That no matter how sad we were the magic of the season shinned through in this moments and many others these past few weeks.  

I hope for all of you the holiday was filled with these little moments of holiday magic as well.   


So I know some people get all mushy and gooshy on Valentines Day-That is not really how I am.  I am a firm believe that we should enjoy the day and celebrate by telling those we love-just that, that we love them.  So here a picture of my Valentines.  I hope you and your Valentine are enjoying the day!

My littlest Valentine

My Big Man Valentine

My OG (orginal Gangsta) Valentine