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Now I know a lot of people especially those who are dieting have a tendency to give up goodies etc.  I have tried this and always fail-mainly because my birthday falls during lent so I want to eat chocolate or cake on my birthday.  Lets be honest I want it all the time but I will settle for my birthday and a few other special days.  I have often said I am going to do something and give something up.  So for me this is what I am doing.

    1.  I am giving up swearing.  I don't swear a lot on here because  well swearing isn't for everyone.  Yet, I do it a lot in my real life....a lot.  Now of course I don't do it in front of my students and I don't do it in front of my kids, but every other second of the day.  Yup-That's me with the gutter mouth.  So I decided that perhaps as an educated adult I do not need to use those words all the time and perhaps I should be saving them for choice occasions.  So I figured let me see how I can do.  I will give up swearing for the 40 days of lent (don't worry I won't defile the sanctity of Easter by filling an Easter basket with swear words!).  Every time I swear, I but a buck in my crystal bowl-see below.  The first day wasn't so bad there is only two dollars in there.  I am hoping that as time goes on there won't be too many in there at the end

2.  The second thing I am going to do for lent is track.  I promised myself, the good the bad, the ugly, and maybe even some good days too, I am going to track.  Why-because I need to do.  I am good at tracking on my good days of eating, its those bad days I am not so good at.  I figured I will use the new tools on WW and even if I don't know the points snap a picture of it and estimate the points so I can at least be accountable.  So far so good with this one.  I will give you a post lent update. 
Here's to 40 days of no potty mouth and 40 days of tracking!