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So in case anyone still reads this blog-Yes I am alive.  I had a great summer that was much needed to help me deal with some stuff.  School started for me about two and half weeks ago and for the kids about a week ago.  It has been a crazy but good time.  I am still trying to feel my way around a new school year and get into my groove which makes it hard to find time to do anything else.  

My goal in these up coming weeks is to be sure to take some time for me.  Over the summer I went back to weight watchers and lost a few pounds over the summer and that was good but with the new school year and soccer game schedule attending meetings is a bit harder.  I have decided to continue to do that at home and try and take some time every day to focus on me and my health.  I have read a great book called What you can When you can and I will share more about that later.  That deserves a whole post.  I am really trying to work on the no shame thing.  Feeling bad about how much a weigh isn't very productive for anyone-it also doesn't motivate me.  

So to all my teacher friends or those moms with kids in school-Cheers to a new school year!  I hopefully will be checking in a wee bit more!


My classroom during the getting ready phase
I know it has been forever since I have blogged.  The start of the school year is always a transition for me.  Plus this year I am taking on my first student teacher and that has also been a bit of a transition. 

Other than the cramping my summer style of reading, lounging, and hanging with the kids-the transition has been a good one. Both for the kids and me.  I have really been working to maintain a positive attitude.  So far so good.

The kids have also been doing well.  I have seen Master D’s anxiety flaring up a little bit but he likes his teacher and has good friends in the class.  Miss J also has done well considering her teacher (Pre-k has the same teacher for two years) is out on maternity leave and she absolutely loves her.  Papa Hunt has been doing well, although he is overwhelmed with his graduate schoolwork. 

I think for any family the transition back to school is always tough.  Much more structure and a lot less free time.  For a two-teacher family that transition is magnified by 100!

Now that I am starting to get back into the grove I am hoping to be posting a little bit more around here.  I finished up some really great books this summer and have had lots going on both personally and professionally that I always think…gosh I want to write about this-yet haven’t had the time to do so.
The kiddos on the first day
How we all felt on the end of the first week