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So of course no one likes to loose, not one likes to be rejected...especially me.  I am that person.  I was class president, I was prom queen, I graduated with honors, I have even gotten almost every job I have ever applied for.   Seriously, with the exception of weght loss I am usually very successful at things.  Well recently I was dealt a blow to my ego.  I was rejected from being a mentor teacher at my school (apparently my essay application was not strong enough and I am encouraged to work on them and apply again next year).  Now I know that my writing is a weak spot with me so in theory I am ok with this rejection.  Yet, it is still very hard to take.  It is hard to take and not deal with rejection the way I always have in the past.  By stuffing down that feeling with food.  I have been doing really well without mindlessly eating, but it has been hard. It has been hard to sit with the emotions that acompany not getting something that I really wanted and felt qualified for and see others be excepted.  This does not mean that I am one of those bitter people who hates the people that were selected (I don't because they are some of my dearest co-workers and greatly deserved to be chosen) it is just hard to know that you were not one of the "chosen ones".  So it has been about a week and half now and honestly I have decided something....its ok to be a loser.  Its ok not to always win.  As long as I take something away from this experience and move forward in a postive direction being a loser is ok with me.  Plus, I have a feeling that a lot us have been losers at some point in our lives and I am in good company! 
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  1. Holly Says:

    Oh I dont think you are a loser! There's just something better out there for you this upcoming year. You just need to figure out what that something is...

  2. Debbie Says:

    Hey I also do not think you are a loser. Something great is meant just for you and you will find it.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I suck at losing too. Sadly, these days, what that means is that I never put myself into situations where I CAN lose - and that's no good, either!

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