We all know what happens when bloggers, especially those who discuss weight loss go away!  Well I promise I am not gaining tons of weight...after a summer of not doing much other than working on me and family time, I am at the same weight I have been for over a year.  You know what I am ok with that, but that is another post for another day.  This school year has started off crazy.  Baby J who isn't really a baby has started at daycare/preschool and Dy is now in kindergarten and riding the bus.  This has made for a whole new schedule.  Plus we have several new initiative at our job that are overwhelming to say the least.  Add to that the first week of school the principal calls me down as says "hey lets do a trip with the freshman class, and since you are the freshman advisor you can organize it"....well it didn't happen exactly like that.  Since I love my Principal and I love the idea of a bonding trip I said ok....not realizing what planning a trip for almost 300 in less that three weeks would entail. I am so excited to go tomorrow, but I have been a crazy woman....like wild hair crazy woman.  I have stopped reading blogs, checking twitter, and have no idea what anyone on facebook is doing.  Shocking I know!!  Add to that I am suddenly sick and have lost my voice.  Any other time I would have called out sick the last two days but I can't because I needed to get ready for this trip.  I am hoping to enjoy myself tomorrow, take a sick day to get better on Thursday and finally start to get back into a routine.  I love a routine.  I need a routine.  I hope to catch up on my blog reading and blog writing soon.  How is everyone out there in the blog world??
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  1. Unknown Says:

    Hi! I miss you! I hope you have a super fun trip tomorrow! Hopefully you can get some rest on Thursday and feel better soon. Being sick is definitely not fun. And because I am selfish, I am hoping you settle into a routine soon that allows you to stay more connected. I miss your updates!

  2. Ohrant Says:

    Hurry up with that routine. We miss you! Feel better soon and have an awesome trip. :)

  3. Hey Er- Glad to hear you're not in a corner! After a wonderful summer of being everywhere, the fall is shaping up crazy as we are supposed to be summer pretty much every weekend. I am enjoying sitting on my couch right now before I tackle cleaning the kitchen! Hard to believe but we already had a "weather day/ snow day" since we had no electricity at the school on Wednesday. Looking forward to getting into a routine but with so many days off this month, it's not easy! TTYL

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