I finished Fallen a long time ago but have never gotten around to writing its review.  The first thing I will say is I almost gave up on this book.  I really was not into in the beginning, but I figured I would give it 100 pages and if I still hated it I would move on.  Well there hit a point and I was sucked in.  This book is a story about the world post end of days.  It centers around a mother who is traveling with her own daughter, and several other children she has picked up along the way.  Each child seems to have a special ability (well everyone does it is a side effect of whatever brought the end of the world as they knew it).  She comes across a tribe of men and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her band of children safe.  This quickly turns into a love story, but it much more than that.  It is a love story and a story of survival.  What I think I loved most as although it was a love story, it wasn't your simple boy meets girl.  It was much more complicated than that.  The main character was still technically married and didn't know if her husband was alive or not, the man she fell for may or may not have helped bring about the end of the world, and there is the constant threat of death and destruction at every corner.  It really picked up and was a nice quick read.  It is part of a planned trilogy and I am eagerly awaiting the other two books.  Although not a five out of five definitely a solid four out of five in the ratings and a great quick read.

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