Ok so we all know that motherhood is littered with guilt for a 100 different reasons.  Well my latest involves the Catholic Church.  Ok well let me know be so dramatic here.  I signed Dylan up for his first little season of soccer.  It is the first time on a little team and playing real games (if you can call them that).  Well I also got a notice over the summer that CCD was starting at our local church for kindergartners.  It is on Saturdays which I thought was crappy, but whatever it started the week soccer ended so I figured they must plan that so there is no overlap.  Well they couldn't get enough coaches so soccer got delayed by two weeks so now there is a two week overlap. Both soccer games and CCD on the same Saturdays.  Now I was hoping it would work out that our games wouldn't conflict by no such luck.  The worst part the first day of CCD is team picture day so if Dylan goes to soccer and to the picture he would miss the first day of CCD. Then the last game of the season (where I think they give out medals) is also a conflict.  

So I asked the hubby, who I imagined would be of no help because lets just say his stance on the god thing and my stance on the god thing are a bit different.  He suggested that we send him to CCD because lets be honest he won't remember and won't even know he missed the team photo....he is five and he doesn't really know the kids on the team because he goes to a magnet school anyways.  

I just feel bad because he really loves soccer and lets be honest about CCD as much as I am pro God and pro CCD soccer is a way better deal to a five year old!  So I think I know that I will have him miss his last two weeks of soccer, but I feel bad. Yet, I know I will feel bad having to call him out of CCD not for a major conflict but for soccer.  Damn you Catholic Guilt....Followed by Damn you mommy guilt!!!
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