How cute is my wee one right here.  She looks cute considering she isn't feeling well.  She came down with a cold after we went and took family photos with my in-laws.  I thought it was just because she didn't have a nap on Sunday but by Monday is was a wee booger filled mess.  I could totally have sent her to daycare but she would have been miserable.  So I decided to take a day off to spend with my little lady.  I still struggle with taking time off because unlike "real" jobs-My work can't wait for me.  I have to figure out what the kids can do and know that they are not going to get nearly as much out of their time with the sub than they will with me there.  Yet, how could I not take the opportunity to snuggle up this little one.  There are those moments where I wished I had more time for that.  I am sad that now my little boy is sick and I can't stay home with him because I took today off.  Good thing my mom is retired now and she can come over.  Lets be honest the next best thing to a mom taking care of you is a grandma taking care of you.  If I am being honest when I was a kid I loved having my Noni (Italian for Grandmother) to take care of me.  

Also, if I am being honest things around work have been getting crazy.  There is this negativity that is seeping into all aspects of my job and I hate it.  I sometimes feel like I need to shower the stank off when I get home.  I probably needed this day as much as my wee little lady did.  Maybe I am the one that needed the snuggles, maybe I am the one that needed the time on the couch watching the Disney channel, maybe I am the one who needed the day to recharge!!!!

Also, if you didn't already, look at her.  Look at those cheeks that I want to just smoosh
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  1. Very cute and very deserving of you taking a day off! I bet the other wee one had just as good a time with Noni!

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