So as many of you may have noticed (assuming I have regular readers) I haven't been posting much about weight loss and my weight loss effort.  There are three reasons for that

1.  I am trying not to be obsessed with a number on the scale and learn that I don't need to live in extremes (So no extreme dieting and no binging) and for a long time that has worked and I have been simply maintaining my weight for almost a year and no binging which is huge

2.  I have been so crazy busy I have been barely keeping my head above water let along concentrating on my weight loss

3.  In past three weeks, I have noticed the scale has stayed up (not just one of those bad days where it bounces up, but staying up.  So in the past month and half I have gained six pounds.

God I hated to admit this, I so had wished this was a fluke.  Not so much.  So after months and months of maintaining the same weight with in a pound or two I have had my first real gain.  At first I was angry but then I took a moment to reflect on why.

As my life recently has gotten more crazy with work and home demands I have been going to the gym less.  Even though my gym has child care, most days when we get home past four if I go to the gym that means the kids go to bed an hour later than they should be so often I have been skipping the gym and not working out at home because I am so fucking tired at night.  Also, although I am not binging I have been noticing that certain foods that I normally wouldn't eat have been creeping into my life.  Not that any food is bad, but eating a cupcake or brownie when I really don't want one is.  I treat every now and again is ok-Several times a week is not.  Also, the more tired I get the more coffee I consume which means the less water.  So clearly it is no secret why my weight has gone up and stayed there.  It means I need to start to put some focus back on to this part of my life and really think about my weight loss and decided what I want to do about it.  It is weird I am starting to be ok with myself which is a great thing, but it is leaving me increasingly unmotivated.  I think the key for me will be to find a balance between healthy non obsessive weight loss and being happy with myself and my body where I am at this given moment.  Sounds easy right???  Yet, those who are on a weight loss journey know that this is way easier said than done.

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Oh Erica - you know what has to be done, right? Losing weight aint always easy, but you MUST put yourself first.

  2. Absolutely! I think everyone (especially teachers this time of the year) need to really focus on ourselves. I found it eyeopening that today one of my kids said something to her mother in front of me about me never having time to eat lunch. So true and scary that the kids notice!

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