So maybe I have been lucky, or maybe I am just not well known enough in the blogging world to have never experienced an Internet meanie yet....well that all changed this week.  I posted a review on a book that I really enjoyed.  I enjoyed it for a multitude of reasons it was informative, relative to what I teach, and just interesting in general.  Well apparently a woman on amazon where I posted my review thought it was her place to tell me that because of my opinion I must be a bad teacher and an all around bad person.  At first a just laughed and was like....."seriously you have time to comment on a person's review on amazon" then I got pissed.  I don't care if I ripped the book apart or called it the greatest book I had ever read in my whole damn life the things that woman said to me she had no right to say to me, or anyone else ever.  I would never ever say those things to a person I really disliked and had committed some great wrong against me I could not imagine saying this a total stranger.  If you are interested here are the comments 

Then I started to think about this...I am an adult and I responded to this in adult manner and told that lady she had no right to say those things to me and make those accusations then I had a good laugh at this woman and clearly her major issues.  As an adult I know how to process this sort of thing, get pissed off,and move on.  What about my students who are surrounded by this sort of hating all the time.  They get this sort of commentary all day long from facebook, twitter, and texting.  They are surrounded by this all the time.  It makes me sad for them.  Sad that it wasn't like I was in high school where if someone was being a jerk to you-you went home to house and shut the door and tried to forget about.  Now there is no safe place for them to get away from negative comments and the sort of nastiness that I came across this week.  

Although I did get upset I know I will not change what I do, how I do it, or who I am because of this troll on the internet....yet I know everyday there are kids whose whole lives are destroyed by stuff like this and for that I am really really angry.  I am angry that an adult woman would do it and not know any better.  Shame on her and anyone else out there who acts like that towards others.  
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  1. Makes us really stop and think! Certainly understand bullying and we have a real need to help kids understand how not to take it personally!

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