Now Panic and Freak Out Here in the Hunt household we are getting ready.  Last year we mocked those panicking and running up and stocking up on supplies for an October snowstorm.  We laughed "who worries about a little snow in October".  We were laughingg right up until we lost power while I had 8 pounds of pork carnitas on the stove and then didn't have power for eight days.  It was one of the worst experiences we have been through as a family in that we were displaced out of our home, the clean up from downed trees was super expensive, and we lost all of the food in both of our fridges.  So needless to say I may have a bit of PTSD when it comes to storms.  

I am ready, maybe too ready.  I have a list of things the kids can do, I have tried to eat all the food in my fridge and freezer with still leaving us food for a few days with no power, and I have stocked up  on batteries and flashlights.  I sent Papa Hunt out in the height of the frenzy to look for batteries and flashlights and when he wasn't finding any I panicked and overnighted flashlights with batteries to my house to be delivered today because the hurricane was suppose to arrive tomorrow.  Poor bastard in the UPS truck will have to deliver my batteries in the friggin storm.  Sorry buddy-I panicked!  (I love my UPS man he is a hottie and he leaves bones for my dogs)

I have a better plan this time around....should we loose power we are heading to my school which is the shelter for the town I work in.  We have a full generator which means I can lock my family in my classroom and have full power, heat, and a smart board that can run movies, and wifi....considering what we lived in last year that is heaven on earth.

Yet I know with every fiber of my being because I have prepared so well, nothing will happen because well, that is life!
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  1. Can't say nothing will happen but good job on the prep- Kris has been laughing at me as I have been running around like an idiot!

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