I am sitting here today enjoy my day off (it is a Jewish Holiday so I get the day off) it is cool and crisp. I had a manicure and pedicure and got my nails done in a lovely dark red color.  I am going pumpkin picking this weekend and to a mum festival.  I love fall, but it sort of just hit me that my summer is over.  My time with my family is not back to being limited.  Admittedly, I am having a rough start to the school year and the transition back.  I have a lot of grading, lots of pressures with new initiatives, and I find myself longing for the leisurely life that was my summer.  As much as I love fall and the new beginnings that it brings it has been a wee bit hard letting go of my summer.  Letting go of summer makes me let go of time with my kids and that is the hardest letting go there is.  As much as I know that I couldn't have been a stay at home mom with a baby....I think now I would give everything to be at home with my little Josie, to take Dylan to school everyday.  Yet, that is just not in the cards.  So I must bid farewell to my summer and move on to fall with a sad heart, but with the promise of all the awaits me.
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