A few months ago (yes I am very, very behind in my blog) I recieved a few snacks from Navitas.  They sent me Hemp Power Snacks and a 3 Berry Cashew trail mix.  Now I was not really optimistic about these snacks....when looking at the ingredients I wasn't holding out too much hope.  After trying them I really enjoyed the trail mix which was vegan and had a very nice selection of berries and nuts as well as Caro nibs.  It was very enjoyable and very reasonably priced at 4.00 for the bag.  Which for something with really really good berries and cashews.  Now, I will be honest I did not really enjoy the Hemp Power snack, it was sort of bitter and had an odd consistency.  Now mind you I am a consistency freak so there are a lot of things I don't enjoy because of texture.  So just to be sure I was giving the product a fair shake, I sent it home with a good friend who does not eat any sugar, glutten, and is a vegan.  She loved them and thought they were a delicious treat.  I thought the price of these snacks at 6 dollars for the bag was also a reasonable price.  Addition to what they sent me they also sell smoothie mixes, chia seeds, and other healthy foods.  So if you are in this healthiness journey and want to try a few new products why not head over twww.navitasnaturals.com.  
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  1. Unknown Says:

    I actually use their gelatinized maca root in smoothies. Paul even has mixed it into coffee anf topped his cereal with it. Love it! I will definitely be trying some of their other products. Thanks for the review :)

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