A few weeks ago I was offered a great opportunity to review a product from the great people at Go in Style .  The offered me a stunning two tone scarf-and if any of you from real life are reading this you know I love a good scarf.  When it came in I was instantly in love.  Here is the image from the website. 


The raspberry color is even more beautiful in person, a nice bright pink/purple.  The under lying color is a brown/darker cranberry.  In fact that cranberry color is dark enough that you could wear it with black (I did the first time I wore it because I didn't realize it was actually brown-no one noticed by the way).  Additionally, to double duty color this scarf can do double duty fashion and function.  It is a nice thick weave, almost two scarfs sewn together to get that two tone look.  It also has a thick fringe boarder.  Even though it is is thick and wooly-it doesn't leave any fuzz on clothing which is a plus.  The scarf also comes in a black/grey combo which I am sure would be lovely.  Now the price is a bit higher then what I would pay for a scarf (currently on sale for 42.00) but it really is a nice thick versatile piece.  I think this would make a nice gift as well for someone who is hard to shop for.  Go check it out-there is tons of fun stuff on their site as well!  

Here is a picture showing how wide the scarf is-it is somewhere between an normal scarf size and a pashmina 

*Please note that I was given this scarf for free in exchange for possible product review. 
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