First and foremost let me say how glad I am to be back…both in the sense of Mamavation and in the sense that I feel like I have my head in the game.  The powers that be over at Mamavation decided to bring back the weekly blogging carnival and I am super excited.  I like that I need post weekly but I also like the inspiration that I get from those who post.

So this week's focus is goals or the dreaded New Year's Resolution.  This year I am being bold…no goals with timelines (I always get discouraged over not meeting them) No weightless Goal (its more than a number on the scale) No disappointments over not making my goals.  This year there is just one goal…one focus for 2014…..The Year of ME!  I don't mean this in a super conceded its all about me way…but that my focus needs to be on me.  My actual goal is to be Kind and Good to myself.  What that looks like in practice

1.  I will be kind in how I speak to myself….no more hating and disappointment (This of course will be the hardest thing for me

2.  I will put food into my body so that it can run and feel good (Clean foods and no dairy since I eat it and it kills my stomach)

3.  I will move my body so that I feel healthy and strong

4.  I will take time for myself and the pursuits that I enjoy (more time blogging, knitting,  journaling)so that I am a happy mom and wife

5.   I will opt out of work Drama.  This means the Drama of feeling left when not invited to things and not getting inside jokes (I need to edit this and add in some clarification-thanks Lexy for the reminder).  I know that this drama is 99% in my head….no one makes me feel left out I make myself feel this way and am sick of the self inflicted drama..  No Drama about things at work beyond my control (I will always fight for my students but some of the Drama I can opt out of).  My job is that…a job. I am a good person who is good at my job there doesn't need to be Drama.

In general I just want to spend some time rediscovering who I am.  I think often as a Mother, Teacher, and Wife I get lost in those roles and the real me gets buried.  That persons needs and desires gets lost in favor of everyone and everything else.  My hope and goal for 2014 is get back to being ME.  Which if you look at the title of my blog….that is what this place and space is all about.

So I am wishing all of you…My Mamavation Family, My readers, and My real life friends and family who read this a very Happy New Year!  Enjoy all the promise that a New Year brings!
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  1. Pam Gordon Says:

    I love these goals!! Good luck, mama.... you will rock 2014!

  2. lydsrich Says:

    All of these are so positive. I love it!

  3. Unknown Says:

    I love the NO MORE HATE TALK! That is great!

  4. Unknown Says:

    Love these goals 😊

  5. Happy 2014! Here's to ditching scales and just saying "no" to drama . . . life's dramatic enough already w/o adding to the pile, don't you think?

  6. Unknown Says:

    Awesome goals, awesome blog, and I am now your newest Sista Stalker!

  7. Great goals! You're amazing, Erica, and YOU need to remember that!

  8. dadavis65 Says:

    Love your goals & your blog. Debbie

  9. Ms. Witi Says:

    Funny….I just posted (again) a very similar thought. Time to take control of me and overall goodness.

  10. junebug Says:

    I like your goals and how they are a little more loose to not make yourself feel bad if certain milestones aren't met. Besides some things are hard to quantify like the opting out of drama. Here is to a great 2014!!

  11. Sarah Lou Says:

    Such great goals - good luck :)

  12. LOL yes, I am also trying to avoid foods that kill my stomach in 2014. Such a novel idea, right? ;)

    Looking forward to cheering you on this year!

  13. Remember in the pyramid, you need to be the bottom and biggest part or the rest can't happen!

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