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'So I totally hit the jackpot in reviews for this stunning bag!!!  I was contacted by Pheonix Trading Company to see if i would be interested in testing out and reviewing their handbag line by Joy and Iman.  Well he had me at handbag! Hello!!!!  So before I even received by bag I spent a little time checking out what the Pheonix Trading Company was.  As I had never heard of it I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did they offer unique and staple handbags the also had a lot of HomeGoods, clothes, and home appliances.  It appears that this is a great site for both your unique and staple clothing and HomeGoods.  It seems to almost have an online TJ Max or Marshalls feel to it.  Lots of selection of tons of stuff at really good prices.  According to their website they buy overstock and off-season items at a discount of designer and home shopping products which explains the amazing varity of products on thier website.  But lets talk about what is really important....THE BAG!!!  So here it is fresh out of the box.

My first thought dang this is a nice bag for a website that says it specializes in homegoods and applicaiance.  Not only was the bag a super rich black leather (yes leather) it was very well made. The handles were a perfect length to go over the sholder even with a sweater or jacket (which is a must in New England) it was also well contructed and could be used as a tote..  Best part-it comes in several color choices, my favorite looks is the gray which is totally in this season and it is 70.00!!!!  No seriously a well made leather bag for 70.00 its a steal!!!  You can't even get pleather for that price for this quiality of bag.   Another wonderful quality it is a big bag-and I love a good big bag.  

Here is a better shot to see the richness of the leather and the great gold zipper detailing.  Below are some inside shots to show you have spaciious the inside is.  

Here you can see the various compartments.  There are two compartments with a middle laptop compartment that is lightly paddd.  There are generous pockets on both sides for all your phones, keys, etc.  Also notice how much is in here and there is room to spare-my big wallet, sunglasses, jouranl, papers.  

Here is me trying to show you the inside side pockets that can hold your phone etc

Also if you are traveling this can hold your important cards so maybe you don't even need a wallet for business women it can hold cards etc.  

A personal favorite touch is the light that is attached to the strap so you can find things in a bag of this size!!! 

Here is the other side really is a lushous looking bag and I cant get over that it is only 70.00!!!

I love this bag and have been using it as my work bag for two weeks now.  It has held up beatifully nad have packet it to the gills includin a  laptop, a liter of seltzer, my lunch, and a stack of papers, plus my regular stuff.  It is super durable.  My one and only complaint would be that this is not an ideal bag for every day.  It is super well made leather so it is a bit heavy and big for your every day purse (unless that is your style).  I think this is an amazing bag for work-especially with the choice of colors-I also love this in blue.  Also go check out the link because it has all the specs on the bag! Tons of features.  In full honesty I would have thought this bag retailed for at least 150 based on the fact that is contructed of nice quality leather and has so may features.  So my suggesions is this-go travel over to Pheonix Trading Company poke around all of the awesome clothes and homegoods and fun home applicances add a few things to the cart along with your favorite color of this bag plus its free shipping!!!!!  I know I am probably going to get this in brown or gray to use in the spring!!!   A great big thank you to Pheonix Trading Company for allowing me to try this bag!  
Several weeks ago I was shipped an amazing little surprise!  Several bags of freeze dried fruit to try and post a review about for my blog.  At first I was a little leery of some of the chips (hello beat chips) but having tried them all I was quiet impressed.  In each bag you got several servings of these tasty little dried fruit treats.  What I loved most about them is there was no added sugar like you sometimes get in dried fruit.  It was just the fruit themselves.  These were also non-gmo which for me is an added bonus.  Having tried them all my favorite ones were the medley ones with banana chips in them.  See below.  The reason I loved those were the bananas were so good!!!!    The only ones I didn't really love were the just strawberry I thought the strawberry alone were a little too tart for my liking.  Yet, my strawberry loving girl did enjoy these so maybe it was just my personal preference.  I think this make for a nice light after school snack or to go along with lunches as something different.  As most parents do I struggle with what to feed the kids that is easy to pack, they will eat, and is not junk!  These fit the bill.  So if you are looking for something new to try I would highly recommend Crunchies to try.  They are a nice healthy snack to add into your rotation.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the people over at Greek God's asking if I wanted to try out one of their new products-Greek yogurt with Chia.  I of course said yes-both Miss J and I love yogurt and add in Chia seeds for adding saying power why not.  

Now on the new Weight Watchers Smart Points program yogurts have gone up in points values so I was a little concerned about that but each yogurt was worth 5pts.  Now that is a lot for a snack-but considering it has 12G of protein in every cup it might be a good snack at work.  

As I have mentioned I am lactose intolerant but I can usually do Greek Yogurt-it contains less lactose.  According to the people at The Greek Gods each cup contains 120 calories, 12g of Protein, its high in calcium, Gluten free, no rBS and rBGH in the dairy, and it has fruit on the bottom.  They are retailing for 1.59-1.79 a cup.   Flavors currently are Strawberry, Peach, Blackberry, and Vanilla.

 So far these have passed the Josie test she really enjoyed them.  For me-they have been a great snack that has kept me full for hours.  I know for a lot of people on weight watchers and those watching their sugar this is not an ideal snack but with the amount of protein that you get I think that means its totally worth it!  

Check out more details here or pick some up at your local store.  


About a week ago I got an email from the good folks over at Cluck-n-Moo.  After I looked into their product and reviewed that they are one of the good guys in the food movement I couldn't wait to work with them.  Their product is a combo of ground chicken and ground beef.  The animals were grass fed (beef) and were antibiotic and hormone free.  They sent me four patties to try but I decided to create a new recipe instead of just using the burgers as is.  

So below is my recipe for Veggie Loaded Meatloaf.
All the ingredients:  One Pound Cluck-n-Moo, one pound ground pork, two large peppers, three tomatoes (one is hidden behind the Cluck-n-Moo, a large onion, garlic, BBQ sauce, ketchup, and bread crumbs.  All veggies except the onion are from my garden.

Step One:  Chop all the Veggies up and then add them to the meat in a large bowl 

All veggies chopped 
Step Two:  Next add in about a half cup of breadcrumbs and the egg.
Add it all in the bowl (use ketchup and BBQ to your personal taste-for me its a lot!)
Step Three:  Mix it all together
All mixed in
Step Four: Add it to a big-ole-pan and cook at 375 till meat is cooked through
Finished product 

Cooked meatloaf with Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potato  Fries 

Overall I loved the Cluck-n-moo product.  It had a great flavor but it was also a moist meat which made it great from the meatloaf.  This is a nice way to have a healthier option then just regular beef but without loosing the great flavor of using just grass fed beef.  

So next time you are at the market keep an eye out for Cluck-n-Moo at your local store.  If you are wondering if Cluck-n-Moo is in your area check out their website here and type in your zip code.

Also thank you to the Cluck-N-Moo folks for giving me a sample of their product to try for free and to write my thoughts on their product.  

A few weeks ago I was offered a great opportunity to review a product from the great people at Go in Style .  The offered me a stunning two tone scarf-and if any of you from real life are reading this you know I love a good scarf.  When it came in I was instantly in love.  Here is the image from the website.

The raspberry color is even more beautiful in person, a nice bright pink/purple.  The under lying color is a brown/darker cranberry.  In fact that cranberry color is dark enough that you could wear it with black (I did the first time I wore it because I didn't realize it was actually brown-no one noticed by the way).  Additionally, to double duty color this scarf can do double duty fashion and function.  It is a nice thick weave, almost two scarfs sewn together to get that two tone look.  It also has a thick fringe boarder.  Even though it is is thick and wooly-it doesn't leave any fuzz on clothing which is a plus.  The scarf also comes in a black/grey combo which I am sure would be lovely.  Now the price is a bit higher then what I would pay for a scarf (currently on sale for 42.00) but it really is a nice thick versatile piece.  I think this would make a nice gift as well for someone who is hard to shop for.  Go check it out-there is tons of fun stuff on their site as well!  

Here is a picture showing how wide the scarf is-it is somewhere between an normal scarf size and a pashmina 

*Please note that I was given this scarf for free in exchange for possible product review. 
So my girls over at Mamavation offered me an amazing review and then giveaway a ONE YEAR free subscription to My FitU.  I am was so excited about this because I have been entering giveaways for a month or two trying to win myself a subscription to this amazing service.  So lets take a  minute and let this soak in...a one year free subscription for my blogger readers....SWEET!!!!!!!

Ok moving on now to what My FitU is!  Basically it is a personal trainer who lives in your phone, Ipad, or computer.  When you sign up  you fill out some basic information including the usual age, weight, etc as well as fitness level and where you mostly work out.  My Fit U then created a fitness AND (yes I said and) menu plan for you to follow to help you reach your fitness goal.  This isn't just for someone trying to loose weight like me, it can be for people with various fitness goals.  Once you are set up you can access your plans from online or the app feature.  I am going to walk you through some of my plan (FYI these are screen shots from my phone app so should you do it on a computer it may look different).

When you log on for the day you are greeted with this....Love that it is helping you keep track of what is going on with your life. 

Once you have entered this you can go to your menu plan or your fitness plan.  Below is what your fitness plan looks like once you have clicked on it.

What I liked about the fitness plan is that not only does it have a video that goes long with it you see that button all the way to the right...that allows you to swap out an activity if it is too hard for you or if you do not have the equipment at home.  For example I swapped out a kettle ball routine for the inch worm because I don't have a kettle ball at home.

Above is a screen shop of the video.  Each exercise has a description of how to do the exercise, how long/how many reps, and the video for you to watch.  Basically everything a personal trainer would explain or keep track of for you if you were at the gym.  Also, you can't see it from this screen shot but the app also allows you to choose which music from your iPhone that you will be listening too.

Now above is one of what I thought was the best features of this idiots guide of how not to hurt yourself.  I thought this was great especially for someone like me who is a beginner at strength training who might not know what good form should look like.  I don't think you would be looking at these videos for everything but if you are trying out a new exercise and want to make sure that not only are you doing it right but that you aren't going to injury yourself.

Finally, the last really great part of this program was the meal plans.  Now since I am doing weight watchers I wouldn't follow these plans exactly but there were many, many great recipes on the site and some really good menu plans.  For someone who isn't doing weight watchers this is the perfect thing.  Not only does it tell you how many calories to eat, it is giving nice balanced meals with portion sizes and best of all RECIPES!!!!!!!   So what you have below are screen shots of the menu plan and a few recipes.

Ok so clearly you can tell that I love this program and I am sure lucky to be able to try it out....thanks again Mamavation and My FitU for that opportunity.  Now if you are interested please enter my giveaway below!  But if you can't wait another amazing feature of My FitU is that they offer a free trial with no credit card required.  NO SERIOUSLY NO CREDIT CARD!!! Just your info and email, how sweet is that!  Also, how can other places not figure out how to do this!  

Anyways....come on and enter this is a great fitness opportunity!  Also, if you don't win go sign up for the trial and consider the paid is nothing if you consider the cost of not only a diet plan and trainer would cost in real life.  In fact, I feel the program is very inexpensive for what you get. So come on enter and head over to My FitU and sign up for your free trial now!

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Right before Christmas I was contacted by a great company called Black and Blum.  They are a company that makes European functional products.  The contacted me and wanted me to test out one of their food containers.  I chose to look at the Lunch Pot.  This handy little lunch container has two separate containers with leek proof lids.  They are BPA free and are microwave and dishwasher safe.  They are good sized for soups, fruit, oatmeal, or a small salad.  I used mine to carry some fruit along with a few soy crisps for my lunch.  My favorite part is that the two containers stack on top of each other lock into place, then you secure the strap and it also has an attached spoon.  I thought that was a super handy product and a great encouragement to take lunch to work.  As a teacher who only has 20min to eat I always bring my lunch and this is a nice way to keep elements of my lunch separate.  If I take soup I can do fruit in the other container, if its salad the dressing in the second part.  Now the price is a bit high for my taste of 24.00 but I would say the quality is well above what your average plastic containers are.  I would suggest if you are looking to upgrade your lunch containers to something a bit more stylish as well as environmental friendly I would head over to Black and Blum now to check them out!  My next purchase is going to be the Bento Box!
The whole container

My snack for my Prep Period 

Me holding it so you can get a feel for size