Momma Hunt
I am really going to give this book 3 1/2 stars.  I didn't love it but it still sucked me in anyways. I am in a complete tudor England phase and this was a nice break of pace from my other current novels.  This novel focused more on post Henry VIII rule and on Queen Mary's rule and Princess Elizabeth's rise to the thrown.   My only issue with the book is there were tons and tons of people.  So many that you sometimes got lost in what you were reading.  I do think that I might go back and read one of her early books since I really did like the characters that were created in the book. Not a must read, but still for those Tudor England/Elizabethean England fans a good read.
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    Thank you for the comment! We are all working toward becoming our best selves. Conquer our fears, and keep moving forward. You and me girl!

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