Momma Hunt
So I am still a bit bummed that I am not farther along in my journey but then again I need to keep in mind that it isn't how long it takes me to get there just that I get there.  Well last weekend we had friends over (former roommates of my hubby from college) and this is now an annual event.  So last year we took a photo and we did this year too.  When I compared these two photos I realized just how much of a difference those 35 pounds make.  It puts it into focus that I am doing OK, that I am making strides, and that as long as I keep plugging away I will get there.  So here are the comparison photos of last summer and this summer (it is probably more like 30 pounds but still) what gets me the most is I thought I looked good in that green shirt (what the hell was I thinking).  
Last summer-Me on the end
This summer me in the back holding Miss J
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  1. Holly Says:

    35 lbs is Fabulous! Great job.

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