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As a dear friend and coworker G and I were discussing the other day....we all have visions of a grand summer when you are a teacher.  For me and G our summer goals are always the reinvent ourselves over our 8 weeks off.  What this really means is that we want to come back to work in the fall as skinny bitches!!   Every summer I have a vision of how damn skinny I will be when I come back to work...well this year yet again I have a vision.  I know that sometimes I get disappointed when I don't reach goals, but in my mind why not have a big goal...something to keep me motivated as those summer parties and goodies are ever present.  So here it is folks my summer goal...Ten Books and 20 Pounds.  I know this a lot of weight for 8 weeks but what the hell...aim big.  Also ten books is a lot too...but even if I get close I will be happy.   My plan this summer is to walk the dog (which is usually a minimum for 25 minutes) 5 days a week, then three days a week hit the gym, and try and do a light abs and arm workout 5 times a week (I have been noticing that as I am loosing weight I am not as toned as I would like to be).  Also, I just found out that the reason I have been so sick lately is most likely a dairy allergy and I am going to have to go back to no or very little dairy, so that should help keep my eating in check.  So there it is summer goal.  My summer of reinvention here I come......what are your summer goals/plans?
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  1. Have to finish two weeks with my husband's extended family before I can commit...good for you though!

  2. Echo Says:

    Hi, new follower from LBS. Good luck on your summer goals!

  3. Momma Hunt Says:

    Thanks, I am on my way to check out your blog now!

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