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Its happened....I never thought it would again.  I have fallen in love. Head over heels in love.  The kind of love that makes you not care when that loved one does something wrong,  pisses you off, because you are so smitten with them you can easily forget any wrong they have committed.  So meet the new love of my official I am head over heels for this one
Look at those ears, you would be smitten too!

Awhile back I posted about my two former dogs.  I  really truly believed I would never love another dog as much as I loved my little Wiener Dog Rocky.  He was the love of my life, perfect for me in every way.  Yet, after a year or so I realized the greatest compliment I can give my former dogs is to love another one.  I still talk about all the things I loved about my old dogs, but our newest one is so different and I love her for that.  Olivia is now 8 months old, weights a bit over 10 pounds and is a ball full of energy until she crashes and needs to be snuggled.  She loves to play catch, something my other dogs never really got.  She loves to go for walks.  Most days she gets me outside and walking twice a day for 20-25 minutes at a clip and I love it.  It makes me feel a bit less guilty when I don't hit the gym.  She is a Diva in every sense of the word. She wears a rhinestone collar and struts when she walks.  She loves to sit in my lap and snuggle-Sometimes its a pain should I be trying to do important stuff like knitting or playing words with friends.  She is also an attention whore (which I totally am so she and I get each other).  She isn't always perfect, she can destroy a chew toy in less than 20 minutes, she has a proclivity for my unmentionables that some how get out of the laundry basket and into her bed, and she will eat anything out of the crash (and I mean anything).  Yet I am in love.

She brings something to my life that was missing.  It is weird to say it. Those of you who don't have pets might not understand.  She some how completes my life.  I have a great hubby, amazing kids, a job I love, yet she was some how the thing that I was missing.  So now its out in the open I am completely utterly, head over heels in love with my dog!

Here is a few more photos because she is so that cute!
I like this photo because it shows off how small she is

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